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Dating a Star Wars Fan [Infographic]

Your significant other is changing around the word order when talking to you. As a gift for Valentine's Day they ordered some kind of a laser sword. They love to occasionally throw in the "May the force be with you" phrase.

Sounds weird? Check the infographic below to see other signs that your partner is, in fact, a huge "Star Wars" fan!

The World of Custom Essays [Infographic]

Essay writing is our everyday task. We get hundreds of orders, we process them, and we do our best to provide clients with high quality pieces of writing. That is something we are good at. No, actually...that is something we are proficient at! And that is what we know a lot about. So, we decided to get you backstage of custom essay writing and share some unique statistics. The information was collected and analyzed in 2014. So, the numbers are most recent and precise. The statistics is based on the analysis of our customers' orders, custom essay topics and college subjects we were working with.

Badass College Dorm Checklist

Disclaimer: if you’re looking for a more conventional dorm room checklist this isn’t it. We’re going to give you the checklist you would get from a senior (or super-duper senior) instead of a college administrator or your parents. There’s all kinds of those online and the college will send you an orthodox checklist along with your initial paperwork anyways.

How to Become More Fun If You Think You're a Boring Person

In this post we’re going to go through a 5 step process that can quickly turn even the most boring person into a real lively individual. No kidding. We start by tackling your self-identity and then move on to your mortality and chasing fears with a big fat smile on your face. Sound fun? Yeah, that’s part of it. Let’s begin!


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