The Bestest Educational Blogs 2014

Holiday season has almost started and 2014 is coming to the end. Seems like it's a perfect time to look back, make an overview of the year's most popular trends and projects, give some praise and appreciation to those who were successful, useful, supportive and made difference in 2014.

That's why we made a list of blogs on education and college life, which in our opinion provide valuable tips, cover important issues, offer fresh ideas and have their own unique voice.
For your convenience, blogs are divided into sections according to the theme, purpose and authorship. With no further delay, meet our top educational blogs 2014!

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Teachers' Blogs 2014

Great teachers are usually education enthusiasts. They are following latest trends and are willing to share their experince, knowledge and skills with fellow teachers and students. Following authoritative educators' blogs you will not only get valuable study tips, but will understand your professors' and their requirements better.

  1. The Nerdy Teacher
    Insights into education, modern technologies and other nerdy things.
  2. Hunting English
    Practical learning tips, study strategies and excellent infographics
  3. MathyCathy's Blog
    Progressive views on education, ideas to understand math better with the help of modern technologies.
  4. DY/Dan
    Mind games, math theories, conference overviews and ways to make math more attractive for students
  5. Joanne Jacobs Blog
    Controversial issues, educational news and extracurricular activities for educators and students

Students' and Graduates' Blogs

Students usually have not so much time to blog. However, those who do find time, can share a lot of interesting about study hacks and college life with student eyes. Graduates have even more to tell about their experience of college survival.

  1. Jordan Friedman
    Journalist, freelance writer, former intern of USA Today sharing his stories, graphics and social projects
  2. That Girl Magazine
    Brown University student, linguistics major with a special world outlook
  3. A Law Student's Journey
    Former law student sharing tips on law school survival
  4. Aspiring Docs Diaries
    Collective blog by medical students for medical students
  5. The English Student
    Master in Adult Education Jenny shares learning materials, language learning tips and motivation

College Life Blogs

Want to know more about college life even before it actually begins? Want to be aware of latest trends, news and every aspect of college life? Fortunately, there are blogs versatile and dynamic enough to cover chaotic college life in its fullest!

  1. Her Campus
    A stylish girly blog about everything a college student may be interested in
  2. Seventeen
    College life tips mixed with beauty and fashion advice, celebrity news and quizes
  3. College Fashion
    Latest fashion trends and style tips for college students
  4. DormDelicious
    Room designs, decoration tips and diy ideas for any campus living student
  5. College Candy
    College is much more than studies! Follow fashion, entertain, take care of your body and soul

Students and Finances Blogs

The financial side of college life bothers the majority of students. How to live on budget, control your finances, and spend money wisely? The following blogs aim to answer financial questions and make your college life easier.

  1. Broke Millenial
    Tips on money saving, graduating college debt free and increasing financial literacy
  2. The Broke and Beautiful Life
    Practical advice on conscious spending and getting extra income
  3. Teens Got Cents
    Blog teaching teens to be financially smart — whatever it may meen
  4. Poorer Than You
    Financial advice on savings, budgeting, earning and spending money, evaluating job offers and much more
  5. The Diary of a Poor Girl
    Personal blog of witty and creative brunette sharing her life experience, financial and relationship tips

Students and Cooking Blogs

Cooking while in college can be a real challenge. Lack of skills, time and money make students opt for junk food three times a day. However, the following blogs show that cooking can be easy, cheap and surprisingly fun!

  1. Full-Thyme Student
    Cooking in college can be easy, quick and save your budget if you know good recipes and tips to follow
  2. Collegiate Cook
    Useful and practical campus guides for fast and delicious cooking
  3. Dumbed Down Food
    No more hunger, frozen pizzas and junk food! Easy recipes and daily meal ideas for every college student
  4. Poor Girl Eats Well
    Tips on how to eat healthy, delicious food and save your money at the same time
  5. Budget Bytes
    Great and creative recipes to keep your stomach full as well as your wallet

Career and Internships Blogs

College years is the time when you create the basis for future career. So, it is reasonable to start making your way into career world, learning about job application process and career opportunities, building network with potential employers, applying for internships and getting valuable experience.

  1. Quintessential Careers
    Quintessential blog for job hunters, providing reищsume and interview tips, career resources and employment tips
  2. Chegg Blog
    The versatile article topics include internship and job opportunities, as well as study tips, college life hack and much more
  3. Lindsey Pollak
    Expert career advice for millenials to find job, stay productive and build a successful career
  4. College Aftermath
    Is there life after graduation? What is it like? Find the answer to all post-graduation questions bothering you
  5. Intern Queen Blog
    Fresh and interesting internship opportunities along with useful tips on smooth graduation and successful employment

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