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Authorization Policy

Payment Verification Guide

If you have questions about authorization, don't worry, read our FAQ. Find answers here.

What Is a Payment and Account Authorization ?

The authorization of account and payment transaction is a process done to confirm the legitimacy of the card ownership. The information sent by you to EssayTigers is used to verify the payment and establish you as an authorized card owner.

We may ask you to pass the authorization to ensure the safety of the details and protect the buyer from the fraudulent activity or identity theft. This authorization allows us to prevent any possible financial crimes.

Why Do I Need to Verify The Payment?

There is a strong reason behind the importance of the authorization. This measure helps us to make sure that only an authorized account owner has access to the client account. We guarantee that your details will be treated with utmost security. You can read our non disclosure policy to check that. Your information will be seen only by the representatives of our Risk Account department.

Payment authorization allows us to guarantee clients' satisfaction. By checking the information, we are able to confirm that new accounts are legitimate. Working only with reliable customer accounts allows us to minimize the risk or frauds and keep our prices minimal.

What Documents Should I Provide?

For the authorization, we need a photo of the credit card that you used for the payment, and of the document confirming your identity. As an ID you can use a passport, a driving license, a student identity card, a library card, or any other ID that contains your full name.

What Details Do You Need to See on My Credit Card?

On your card we need to see the last four digits of the card number, your full name, card's type and the bank that issued the card. We do not need to see the full number, the expiry date, and the CVV code. You can cross out the rest of the info when taking a photo.

What Details Do You Need to See on My ID?

On your ID we need to see your full name. All the other information can be hidden.

How Do You Use The Information Provided by Me?

The Risk Department will check if the details provided by the payment processing system match your information.

How Do You Know If I Have Provided the Right Details?

The payment system provides us with the details about your transaction. The Risk Department can see the last four digits of the card, the card type, the billing address of the cardholder, the full name, the issuing bank, and the residence of the cardholder.

How Do You Verify My Payment Information?

The managers of Risk Department check the details provided by you and by the payment system. They verify the billing info and match it with the details of the credit card and ID photocopies. If everything is well, this means that payment was made by a real card owner. If the information is different, we will implement other methods of authorization.

What If I Have Used Someone Else's Card after That Card Was Authorized?

No worries, it's absolutely OK. However, we need to make sure that cardholder is aware of the transaction. To do that, ask that person to send us the authorization documents. Or, we may ask you to provide the number of the cardholder to verify the payment over the phone.

I Am Suspicious about Sharing My Information Online

The goal of the authorization is to guarantee your financial safety. In any case, we can already see your payment details provided by the payment system. We need the photocopies to match the information. By this, we make sure that your card details were not stolen to place orders at our website.

How Do I Know That It's Safe to Send My Information to EssayTigers?

Your details are completely safe. The non disclosure policy guarantees the safety of the information you share with us. No third party has access to your payment details. They will be deleted immediately after the representatives of the Risk Department check them. The authorization process usually takes no more than 16 hours.

Is The Authorization Really Necessary?

The implementation of the authorization helps us to eliminate even the slightest risks of the card-not-present or identity-theft fraudulent activity. If your card has been used in an unauthorized way, report our Risk Department to get a money-back and help to identify the financial criminal.

Now I Understand All The Details. Can I Start The Authorization?

The top of this page contains the info about the step-by-step authorization procedure. Send us your photos via email or control panel. Verify your payment in 3 easy steps!

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