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About Us

An Organic Service

We are organic because we care about our customer (our environment) first. We hear your every word and care about you. Our trustworthiness and reliability is beyond any doubt.

A Lone Tiger

We rely on ourselves solely. We speak for ourselves. Our company leads a solitary lifestyle like that of a true tiger.

You always know who you are dealing with – an essay service that cares about its reputation. We will do everything to leave you satisfied with our product in the end. There is no higher-standing authority above us and it is us making all the operational decisions. The distance between the customer (you) and the service provider (us) is thus minimized. This makes for easier interaction and better understanding of the specific requirements you are sure to have.

We are a self-sufficient enterprise, known for its commitment to making students’ and working professionals’ lives easier.

Our Culture

Our workplace culture is that of a family. We take care of our children – essays – and we support our relatives – customers. Can you find any other essay service around that provides works of value close to ours?

We are an organic company in that we care about our environment. First of all, we care about our customers. We see them as major building blocks of the environment EssayTigers operates in. It is our customers’ satisfaction that we are aiming for.

Your Wish Is our Command

Name it, we will do it.

We have come to employ all kinds of writers, all of them being pros in their respective fields. We work only with the most select writing minds out there. Our writers are constantly tested as to their knowledge of how to best customize the work to suit every individual customer.

There has not been a single customer who has left unsatisfied with the quality of the final work. We are always happy to revise the work, if desired. Your wish is our command. Don’t hesitate to make an inquiry. It’s free. Anyways, can’t you see already which service is the one to go with? EssayTigers will always be there for you.

Our Initiatives

little tigerWild tiger numbers are at an all-time low. We have lost 97% of wild tigers in just over a century. Tigers may be one of the most revered animals, but they are also vulnerable to extinction. As few as 3,200 exist in the wild today.

Here at EssayTigers we make monthly donations to protect these beautiful animals. You can make a difference too. Find out how you can help.

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