How to Manipulate People [Infographic]

Manipulation seems to sound like something evil. But let’s be realists, we are being manipulated every day by parents, friends, and media. Even you manipulate other people unconsciously.

The manipulation is not a bad thing until it’s used for a vicious purpose. So if you’d like to manipulate someone, make sure that the reason is worth it.

Make use of this infographics: find out more about manipulative methods and be ready to defend them.

Are You Ready For Freelancing [Infographic]

Still dwelling on the thought whether or not to become a freelancer? While working from home seems to have a lot of perks, it's not for everyone.
You have to be disciplined, know how to win the clients' hearts and be ready to learn new skills when necessary. Take a glimpse at the infographic below, and find out if you should reconsider switching to freelancing.

Improve Your Content Performance Through the Art of Stealing [Infographic]

Have you ever read a breathtaking blog post and thought "Wow, how did the author do that?"
Would you like to write such blog posts yourself? The infographic below shows how to learn the writing techniques that work, and successfully apply them to your website.

How to Write a 5 Year Plan [Infographic]

A dream is something that makes you jump out of bed in the morning. To stop procrastinating on your dream and make it happen you need to develop a plan.

5 years is a perfect term - not too long for you to lose focus and not too short to get overwhelmed with all the work. Learn from the infographic below how to create a 5-year plan and how to follow it.

9 Famous Success Trough Failure Stories [Infographic]

Dreading to engage in your next endeavor because of previous failures? Time to give up your failures is NOW. Thomas Edison failed 9000 times before inventing an electric lightbulb. Walt Disney got rejected 302 times before receiving financing for his Disney World.

You will succeed eventually, too. And there is no excuse for not trying. Take a glance at the infographic below to get inspired and start moving towards your goal.

College Students VS Netflix Addiction [Infographic]

When someone asks you what your favorite season is, you go "of which show?" You're often unable to resist watching "one more episode"? In the battle Netflix vs. studying vs. friends Netflix is always the one to win?

In the infographic below find the answers to why you just can't stop using Netflix and what actions you can take to stop the vicious cycle of binge-watching.

Dating a Star Wars Fan [Infographic]

Your significant other is changing around the word order when talking to you. As a gift for Valentine's Day they ordered some kind of a laser sword. They love to occasionally throw in the "May the force be with you" phrase.

Sounds weird? Check the infographic below to see other signs that your partner is, in fact, a huge "Star Wars" fan!