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Does Your Logic Homework Make No Sense?

Unlike other branches of mathematics that use symbols to analyze, express, and solve equations, the study of logic utilizes vocabulary to define the desired solution to an equation. For example:

A crew of 5 pirates has found 100 bars of gold. Each pirate takes an equal share of the gold and hides it. How many gold bars does each pirate hide?  

Those with dominant left brain activity responsible for processing mathematics may have trouble solving a logic problem written out as a thought rather than a mathematical equation.  

The added details of the situation surrounding the logic equation can often confuse beginner logic students because they have to use different critical thinking methods to determine what information is being sought. For example, in the case of the pirates from the model above, the correct answer will be the number of bars the pirates hide individually rather than the percentage each pirate gets.  

The attention to detail and critical thinking skills necessary to solve and prove logic problems is crucial to producing error-free homework that will earn you a good grade.

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