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You’re here because you’re unsure of how you’ll do, and essay means too much to leave to chance. Grades don’t grow on trees. Or, maybe you’re turning to our ace-in-the-hole essay writing services to ensure scholarships aren’t threatened? Regardless, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve all been through it. Everyone’s got at least their B.A. around here. Many of us are still paying off student loans. These classes cost too much to fail, period. When you’ve studied until your brain is fried and done everything you can but the essays are still kicking your butt…

Types of Essays We’re Prepared to Write

These are the most common types of essays that we’re hired to write for our clients. There are other more obscure and subjective kinds, but for college students the ones below pretty much sum it all up.

  • Admission: We lavish the readers with your best qualities and make it so you definitely stand out amidst the other candidates. Admission essays are just too important to leave to chance. Polished writing, logical arguments, supportive facts, relevant ideas etc. We make it look easy.
  • Scholarship: The trick here is not only writing a fabulous scholarship application essay, but to make it stick out! These days most scholarship money attracts legions of folks just like you. Through us your essay will perk the right eyes and you’ll graduate with that much less debt.
  • Argumentative/Persuasive: All we need to know is the topic and the position you’re choosing to argue along with any other unique specifications. After that we can take care of the hard data mining. Expect a professionally formatted essay that logically argues and persuades in a concise manner.
  • Compare & Contrast: We thoroughly emphasize similarities/differences in a logical manner and present them in a polished organized format. The essay will be effective from start to finish according to your specifications.
  • Narrative: Whether it’s to be delivered as a complete story or a book report, we make the point you want to make and do so in a way that receives high marks. It’s about being organized, clear, concise, and written with purpose.
  • Descriptive: While it might sound easy to describe something, whether it be an object or a dream, most professors have high standards. With so much artistic freedom, our job is to focus and present a vivid experience that leaves a particular impression.
  • Expository: This kind of writing demands thorough research, as the main goal of it is to deliver explanation on the issue. We provide deep analysis, use descriptive and comparative strategies to provide you with the most relevant and informative piece of writing.
  • Critical: To write critical doesn’t mean to write negatively or with disapproval. It is about deep analysis on the problem and reflection. By evaluating the evidence, proving different points and using accurate referencing we make your essay just as your professor expects it to be.
  • Informal: You get so used to the strict rules of academic style that when it comes to informal writing you may find it complicated. Here come the rescue! We will make your essay sound fresh, unpretentious, keeping a civil tongue.
  • Reflective: What we strive here is to include personal opinions, emotional responses and impressions of the topic. We do not provide the raw facts, but rather develop profound personal attitude to the promblem imposed.

As you can see, we’re basically standing at the ready to take care of any and all essay writing, whether they need to be APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, or any other style. Now let’s take a look at the benefits our clients enjoy. While a great grade and overall GPA are a big deal, there are other upsides to outsourcing.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Essay Writing Needs

Right, so beyond the good grades what are some of the other awesome benefits to outsourcing your essay writing to a professional service like ours?

Procrastinator’s Saving Grace:

It’s the 11th hour and you have yet to put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard. Simply contact our team, let us know the circumstances and we’ll save the day. Next time just get in touch with us earlier and save yourself any undue stress. We got you!

Stick to Your Major:

If your major is too important and consuming too much of your time to worry about essays for less important classes, we’ll take care of them for you. Maybe you’re an art major that doesn’t even want to attempt those biology essays? We got you!

Graduate on Time/Early:

We do our part to make sure you either get your degree on time, or early. Many of our clients can take on extra credit hours with our help and end up getting through college quicker.

Completely Safe:

Everything is 100% confidential to ensure your safety.

So what are you waiting for? When in doubt, outsource! When grades and thousands of dollars in tuition/loans are on the line, our essay writing services are a fail-safe you can count on. If you don’t have the subject matter nailed down, or any of these essays are particularly challenging to you, contact our team now and we’ll get started immediately!

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