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Our Story

Hi! I’m Paul, one of the founders of Essay Tigers and I’m going to tell you how it all started.

The Prehistory

It was just another sleepless night before finals back in 2013. My roommate Jimmy came back from the library really pissed off. I was in the middle of my sociology essay. We were both frustrated. We were senior students and naturally thought about the future, traveling, making money, doing some real things. Instead, we had to write another essay on global warming or feminism or whatever.

And then Jimmy said: ‘Would you pay someone to write your essay so that you could just forget about it?’ That was a light bulb moment. We sat there and counted - an average college student writes 24 essays in a year. Each essay takes up to 5 hours approximately. If you buy an essay, you can save up to 120 hours. That’s how our business idea came up and started to develop into a service. We would offer paid writing help for college students who wanted to save their time and get a high-quality paper.


When Tigers Were Born

We tried to write several test essays for other people so that they would spread the word about us in college. The aim was not just to write but to write so that professors couldn't guess it was written by someone else. First, we wrote for freshmen - and they started getting A's. Then we moved to the higher academic levels.

When we saw the huge demand, we decided to launch a website in November 2013 and make it all automated. That’s when the brand name appeared (the tiger is the mascot of our college team).


Writing and Surfing

When we graduated, we decided it is time to bring the service to the next level. In a few months, we had so many orders that the 2 of us couldn’t cover them all. The next step was hiring four more writers (who were also support managers and content managers and brand developers) and renting an office. We voted solid for the office in Huntington Beach, CA - best surfing resort in the whole world. The office was tiny, but we loved it. It was the first time we felt doing something that is really important - helping our clients to survive college.


Growing Fast

2014 was a great year for our team and gave us a significant boost in development. A lot of plans completed. A lot of milestones achieved. The amount of clients grew fast, and so did the team. Though we loved our office, we had to find something more comfortable and spacious.

That’s when we moved to our current place. And that’s where we’ve been working hard to provide you with top quality essays.


Plans and Dreams

Currently, Essay Tigers is a company with profound experience in academic writing. We take pride in successful order completion for our clients worldwide. We feel the needs of students and set high standards for our papers.

As our client base grows each day, so does the team. Though quality is our main priority, the more people we have, the faster we can provide the service and the more clients we are able to satisfy. So, we will keep growing and optimizing our service. The best reward for us is to finish the hard working day with a thought that more students will be resting today instead of spending the night writing essays. And more students will be happy with their grades tomorrow.


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