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Life is not for serving stereotypes.

The age of college education is coming to an end. It is no longer as crucial as before. You can learn the things taught in class from real-world experiences. At the same time, you can’t learn in class the things learned outside of it. Isn’t it obvious then that real-world experiences should be more valued than classroom theory?
In fact, they are. No employer values a college degree higher than hands-on experience in the field. Look around! It is ready-for-use skills and not the theory that’s required by companies.

Schools Kill Creativity

The educational system is faulty. It permits no expression of individuality. It kills creativity, as does the inborn capacities each of us has.

You SHOULD get a degree though, for these days a person needs to get a college degree to live well. Yet, everything runs on creativity, and schools violently kill it. Minimizing the damage done to your individuality and creative forces becomes a priority when making it through school.

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